EUNIC and the EU put Culture as a main element of the policy dialogue in South Africa

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March 2012 – November 2013, the EUNIC South Africa cluster has made a successful application for funding under the EuropeAid "European Union - South Africa Trade Development Agreement Facility". One of the elements in this programme is a Dialogue Facility to strengthen policy dialogue between the EU and South Africa. The target groups are South African government departments, parastatals, constitutional bodies and civil society actors, along with EU institutions and EU strategic partner countries. For the first time this year the Arts and Culture sector was included as a dialogue area within the Dialogue Faciliaty. To respond to this opportunity, EUNIC SA formed a consortium with Arterial Network - a pan-African network of NGOs, creative industry companies, festivals and individual artists engaged in the creative sector - and Visual Arts Network, the industry body and development agency for the Visual Arts in South Africa.
The main objectives of the project are to strengthen the relationship between the EU and South Africa in the field of creative industries, and to support the development of the creative industries in South Africa. The principle activities over the 18 months of project delivery will be: research into the trade, policy and legislative frameworks between the EU and South Africa; workshops based on the findings of the research; seminars for a wider group of practitioners and civil society; a conference for key stakeholders from the EU, South Africa and other African countries; and dissemination of the recommendations from this programme of events.
The total value of the proposal is €188,000, with the EU contributing €150,000. The cofunded element will be shared between the EUNIC cluster members - British Council (lead applicant), Camoes Institute, Goethe-Institut, French Institute, Italian Institute, and associate members the Embassies of Austria and Spain.